Using ChatSBT

Is ChatSBT suitable for both SMEs and large corporations?

Yes, ChatSBT is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions for sustainability and circularity questions.

How does ChatSBT contribute to a company's overall sustainability strategy?

By providing accurate, AI-driven insights and recommendations, ChatSBT helps people find the important information to support their sustainability goals.

How does ChatSBT simplify the SBTi process?

ChatSBT leverages generative AI to interpret and apply SBTi standards, making it easier to navigate carbon emissions accounting and reduction target setting.

Can ChatSBT assist with specific queries related to the GHG Protocol?

Absolutely. ChatSBT is programmed to understand and provide detailed guidance based on the GHG Protocol, tailored to your specific questions.


Why is there a fee for using ChatSBT tools?

While we're passionate about making sustainability accessible for everyone, there are costs associated with running advanced AI systems like ChatSBT. Your subscription not only supports the ongoing development and operation of these tools but also reflects a shared commitment to advancing our sustainability goals. We're grateful for your support, which enables continuous improvement and wider accessibility.

Can I have a private version of ChatSBT for my company's data?

Your data is a goldmine of potential, and you might need a tool that digs into that wealth securely and privately. We're here for that. Get in touch at here and we'll blueprint a version of ChatSBT that's as unique as your data. We'll work together to ensure it fits your privacy needs like a glove while delivering the personalized insights you require.

Expertise Levels

Can non-experts use ChatSBT effectively for sustainability planning?

Definitely. ChatSBT's intuitive chat interface allows anyone, regardless of their expertise level, to access complex sustainability information in a simplified manner.

Does ChatSBT replace the need for Sustainability Managers, Team Members, or Consultants?

Absolutely not, ChatSBT is simply there to make it easier to navigate the masses of paperwork. You still need to use the teams expertise to understand the standards and requirements in detail, generate improvement ideas, implement change, and confirm the ChatSBT’s responses. ChatSBT simply gives you more time to do the important things like delivering change.

Accuracy and Scope

What if ChatSBT gives me incorrect information?

Even the most advanced AI isn't infallible, and ChatSBT is no exception. If the tool ever skips a beat and provides information that doesn't quite add up, we want to hear about it. Reach out and we’ll polish and tweak the algorithms. Your insights are invaluable to our growth. Just a note: while ChatSBT is a smart cookie, always double-check the details. It's the savvy way to go with any AI-generated content.

Does ChatSBT offer industry-specific guidance?

Your industry's sustainability landscape has its own terrain, and you need tools designed for that journey. If our general models don't quite fit the bill, let's talk. If there's enough demand, we're fully on board to map out and create a ChatSBT that's custom-crafted for your field. Your voice could lead to a solution that's as niche and knowledgeable as you need it to be.

What makes ChatSBT unique compared to other sustainability tools?

ChatSBT's unique blend of AI-powered analysis, natural language processing, and expert-authored content offers a more interactive and intuative was to approach sustainability standards. Allowing you to effectivly 'talk' with the SBTi and GHG Protocol documents and standards (over 1000 pages), along with other carefully selected sustainability focused information. While it doesn't replace the need to read and understand the documantation and standards, it makes searching for information within the dataset much easier.

ChatSBT Impact

I've heard that using generative AI technology has a significant carbon footprint. Is that true for ChatSBT?

While it's true that generative AI tech like ChatSBT requires more energy per query than simply browsing the web, it's important to put this into context. Our AI's power consumption per request is relatively low, especially compared to the energy draw of typical desktops or high-end AI servers. More importantly, ChatSBT offers rapid and precise insights, which means you spend less time—and therefore less electricity—searching for information the old-fashioned way.

Looking at the bigger picture, we're in a race to innovate our way through the climate crisis. If technologies like ours can accelerate the adoption and implementation of sustainability measures, then we believe the trade-off is worthwhile. The goal is to make every joule count towards a greener future.

What is the carbon footprint of ChatSBT?

ChatSBTs Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions are zero, running out of an office using 100% renewable electricity with no vehicles, cooling emissions, or fuel burn for heating. Our Scope 3 emissions are predominantly with our service partners and we are committed to choosing and engaging our suppliers to ensure our Scope 3 emissions footprint is minimised as we grow.